Chris is a dog groomer and salesman. He is from Lake Station and has worked at Pet Haven for 8 years. He has 2 dogs, a cat, and a girlfriend. He loves taking care of the animals at work, especially the dogs. When he is not at work, he enjoys hiking and playing video games.

Max is a kennel worker. He is from Hobart and has worked at Pet Haven for three years. At home, he has two dogs, but his favorite animals at the shop are the ferrets. He loves spending his days at work taking care of the animals and getting to talk to new people. In his free time, he runs and goes to the movies. 





Maggie works in the Grooming Department and is from Lake Station. She has worked at Pet Haven for 3 years, but also worked here as a teenager. She now has five kids, two dogs, and a bird at home. Her favorite pet is a dog, but the best part of being at work is her coworkers. In her free time, Maggie likes fishing and supporting her kids at all of their sporting events. 

Our lovely staff!

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Carol works in the Fish Department, otherwise known as the "Down Under." She has worked at Pet Haven for 6 years and her favorite pet at the shop is her beloved coworker, Brooke. Her favorite part of the job is working with her favorite employees. After a long day at work, she loves going home to her hot tub and relaxing with her husband.



Ken is the manager of Pet Haven. He lives in Hobart with his wife, Heidi, his sons, and their beloved dogs. He has worked at Pet Haven since it opened and has an affinity for fish. Ken loves to work out, spend time with his family, and take care of animals. His favorite pet at Pet Haven is his fellow fish aficionado, Brooke. 

Meet the Staff

Ben is a salesman at Pet Haven. He is from Hobart and has worked at the shop for 5 years. He adores his miniature schnauzer, Molly. His favorite animal that we sell are the ferrets and he enjoys letting them run around. He appreciates Pet Haven's great customer and employee environment. Ben collects rare coins and rocks. 

Sylvia is the owner of Pet Haven Pet Shop. Originally from Kansas, she opened Pet Haven in 1976! She's the proud mother of 3 children (including the current manager, Ken) and 7 grandchildren. Sylvia loves grooming dogs and hand-feeding baby cockatiels. She wants them to be as friendly as possible when we sell them. Her favorite part of working at Pet Haven is talking to customers about their pets and helping people with their problems. In her free time, she loves to bake.