Pet Haven Pet Shop

Serving You & Your Pets Since 1976 

Pet Haven Pet Shop is now run by the youngest sister, Sylvia Moore, who prides herself on giving back to the community and making the pet shop feel personalized. She gets joy from customers leaving the store feeling happy with animals that look better than ever. From grooming services to the sales of a variety of pets, Pet Haven Pet Shop is dedicated to providing the best services possible for its customers.

Sylvia Moore - Owner

What was originally supposed to be a hobby between two sisters has now become forty-two years of a successful small business. Lillian Roman and Sylvia Moore opened the pet shop in 1976, in what was then Lillian's home. It is now known as "Pet Haven Pet Shop." The two took their grooming and business skills and turned them into something that they could share and pass down to their family members. Since its opening, every child, grandchild, and spouse has been involved in the business.  

Our Story

Sylvia and her children: Lorri, Ken, and Lilli 

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From left: Ben, Sylvia's sister Virginia, Sylvia, Max, Erin, and Ken