At Pet Haven, we carry a wide variety of fun and interesting reptiles, tortoises, tarantulas, and crabs. Our reptiles in stock are constantly changing, so call to see what we have available today!


Our animal and merchandise options are not limited to what we have in the store!

We can often order special reptiles and other items, so please inquire about any desired items. 

Serving You & Your Pets Since 1976 

We also have a great selection of hiding dens, heating bulbs, substrates, foliage, water dishes, books, vitamin supplements and everything else you need to make your new friend feel at home in its terrarium. 

Some examples of what we have had in the past include: different types of snakes, frogs, skinks, iguanas, lizards and bearded dragons.

Whether you create an Australian Desert or an African Savannah, we have all the right supplies for you. Pet Haven carries supplies from: Exoterra, Zoomed, Zilla, Tetrafauna, and Four Paws.

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