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Pet Haven Pet Shop

Do you sell dogs and cats?

Unfortunately, we do not sell dogs or cats, but we offer boarding for both and grooming for dogs.

An item/animal I am used to seeing is not on the shelves. Can you order it again?

Yes! We are able to order new merchandise and animals weekly, so if we are currently out of something that you are interested in, let us know and we'll add it to our order form. We order animals on Tuesdays and merchandise on Thursdays.  

Does my dog need its shots to be groomed? 

We only require proof of vaccination for dogs that are being boarded. 

When can I get my dog groomed? 

We offer grooming on any day that we are open except for Tuesdays. Call in advance to make an appointment for your dog!

What services are provided for my dog while it is being boarded? 

Our loving staff feeds all of the dogs, lets them out regularly, and cleans their kennels. Owners can leave toys, blankets, treats, and more to make the stay even more comfortable for their pet. Dogs can also be walked daily for an additional charge. 

How much do your crickets and frozen feeders cost? 

We sell our crickets for just $1.25 per dozen. If you prefer to buy in bulk and are interested in a box of 1000 crickets, contact us and we can order one for you for $26.29!  Frozen rat crawlers are $2.49, small frozen rats are $4.29, large frozen rats are $8.99, and frozen mice are $1.99.

​Frequently Asked Questions