Pet Haven Pet Shop offers a full-line of Tropical Fish and all the supplies to care for them. We offer seasonal pond fish including Koi, Comet, and Shubunkin, as well as pond supplies. We have tanks, heaters, gravel, medications, and much more for you to care for your fish.

Great Selection of Tropical Fish! Many Customers say that Pet Haven has the best selection of tropicals in the area. Come in and see for yourself!

We have a variety of Saltwater Fish that arrive weekly! Come see our Corals & Live Rock. Take a look at our Frag Tank! We can help you with all your Saltwater & Reef needs including a full-line of tanks & supplies. We carry a variety of frozen and dry foods.

Ask about our maintenance & set-up options that are available at an additional charge. We provide the service & help our customers need to keep their fish happy and healthy. Also you can stop by and fill up on our RO water at a that is designed for optimal performance in your tank at a low price!

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